Mooihoek Mineral Recovery Join Venture is an unin- corporated joint venture for the mineral recovery plant situated within Eastern limb of the merensky and bush veld reef of chromite ore body in the Steel- poort valley. The area boasts the richest and high quality chromite reefs namely; LG and the UG reefs. We are situated next to Dilokong Smelter in Steel- port region.

The Joint Venture is made up of the members of Sebego Group of companies namely Sebego Prop- erties CC (SP) Sebego Mineral Resources (Pty) Ltd (SMR). SP is the managing join venture participant with financial capacity and ownership of the existing spiral wash plant on site. Sebego Mineral Resources (Pty) provides skills, training and technical expertise to the existing operation.

SP ventured into Mining field about 2013/2014 where it started reclaiming chrome from old abandoned chrome waste dumps. SP would employ community members to hand pick chrome lumpies for sales. This process would create temporary employment for about 40 to 70 members of the community. Their temporary employment would endure for as long as the dump existed.

SP would screen the dump material and sell the chips and feed stock to various buyers who would put it through the spiral wash plants. In some instanc- es SP would enter into partnership with the owners of the spiral wash plants and share in the revenue.

In the late 2014 SP entered into partnership with Phokeng Concrete Solutions. The latter It used to owned old spiral wash plant. Sebego properties became interested in the wash plant and agreed to put capital investment into improving the efficiency and capacity of the wash plant. This existed until mid 2015 when SP resolved to build its own wash plant. We currently own a spiral wash plant with the capaci- ty of 500 tons feed per day at 24 hours shift.

We place a high priority on employee and community initiatives and relationships.

Commitment to excellence in health and saftey.

Group saftey management system is currently being implemented on site.

Ero tolerance policy on unsafe conditions.

Strict enviromental management all procedures are followed accordingly to law.

BEE ownership compliance

We are 100% black owned company

Long Term Aim of the Business

Our long term goal is to promote the economy growth, an

Currently we identified the Steelpoort Area – to set up a Chrome washing plant of 25TP/h with a crushing circuit to work chrome LG and MG material aiming to produce 44 and 42 chrome concetrate.

SWOT Analysis Strengths

Resource abundance
High level expertise
Agreements for feedstock and off take material Commitment in research and development


Limited R&D funding
Slow sector transformation Few new entrants Adoption of innovation

Community growth and Development

We employ unskilled and semi skilled labourers from within the local communities. We offer training to local community members. We are currently employing 30 employees for our plant operation. We are currently providing water at local community through extended pipes and jojo tanks.

Capacity of plant

As indicated above our spiral wash plant feeds 25 tons per hour. We operate 24 hours shifts. We have three shifts. Our plant feeds a total of 500 tons per day on 24 hours shift. Given quality of our feed stock our recovery is at between 60% and 80%. We operate 26 days a month. Our average concentrate a month varies between 5000 and 8000 tons a month.

Technical expertise

We boast a highly experienced and knowledgeable technical team of plant operators and supervisors who adhere to zero harm principle