Runya (Pty) Ltd is a registered hundred percent black owned company directed by entrepreneurs with sufficient knowledge supported by collective experience.
The Company meets the needs of clients – private and government-owned entities in virtually every sphere of productivity improvement activities.
The business attributes its success to the adoption of win-win solution for the following entities: Clients, Employees & Shareholders


The mission of Runya is to establish a strong present in the market to implement our vision. By doing so will provide many benefits which also will aid in our quest to be customer and market driven oriented.


Runya’s vision is to have a developed and strong relationship with our target customers so that they will view us more indispensable partner than just RUNYA (Pty) Ltd. Be the most valuable resource to the clients by rendering tangible and intangible high quality products and services.


The Products

Runya is offering the distinct products and services, among others; include Professional: mining, project management, consultancy, investments, marketing, public policy development, contemporary issues on Local Governance and Research.

Administration/General: Plumbing and electrical services, supply and delivery of goods.

Competitive Advantage

The key factors for Runya to create and maintain competitive advantages include competent leadership, business networks, customer satisfaction (excellent service, aggressive marketing and competitive prices) brand and advanced technology.


Achieve targeted sales revenue each year, expand customer awareness and reduce competition and risks while lowering price levels by teaming-up with other service providers as well as partnering with reputable local and foreign companies. In order to effective operation in this fashion, Runya’s location in Gauteng with satellite office in Limpopo situates it close to the core of its target market.