We run a 25 tons per hour spiral wash plant on 24 hours shifts which translates into 500 tons per day operation. Our feed stock is of good quality of between 32% and 38% chrome content. This easily produces a final concentrate of between 44% and 46% chrome concentrate. Our silica content is minus 3%. Because the current market has beater appetite for 42/44% chrome concentrate, our spiral settings are made to that specification.

We have specific clients which require only plus 44.5% chrome concentrate and minus 2.5% silica content for their smelters. Our wash plant does produce chrome concentrate of this specification.

Sources of feed stock

We source our feed stock from existing operations and mines in the Steelport area. These operations supply our plant with constant feed varying from LG 6 to MG feed stock of between 32% and 38% chrome content. We have written commitments of constant supply of feed stock from established operations.

Community growth and Development 

We employ unskilled and semi skilled labourers from within the local communities. We offer training to local community members. We are currently employing 30 employees for our plant operation. We are currently providing water at local community through extended pipes and jojo tanks.

Capacity of plant

As indicated above our spiral wash plant feeds 25 tons per hour. We operate 24 hours shifts. We have three shifts. Our plant feeds a total of 500 tons per day on 24 hours shift. Given quality of our feed stock our recovery is at between 60% and 80%. We operate 26 days a month. Our average concentrate a month varies between 5000 and 8000 tons a month.

Technical expertise

We boast a highly experienced and knowledgeable technical team of plant operators and supervisors who adhere to zero harm principle.