Project Manager

Mmafale Glanfindich Phogole

Phogole boats extensive academic qualification in public management and governance. His highest qualification is Master’s degree in Public Management. He obtained a postgraduate certificate in public management and administrationfrom China. While in China he established business ties with Chinese smelters and we currently sell chrome to them through their local agents.

Chief plant operator

Phillip Degernaar

He has more than 15 years in experience in Processing plants. He successfully completed a number of projects of large mining operations:

Ferrochrome Furnaces, Glencore/Xstrata, Caratron (Zimbabwe), Bresmar Building (Zambia),n Clover Alloys Sa(largeChrome plant setup- Kroondal), Revin Minerals(chrome plant setup  Steelpoort), Mineral Waste Management (chrome plant setup Boshoek).

Production manager and mechanic

Andries Potgieter

He served in various mining and chrome processing companies within South Africa and SADAC region as plant manager, engineering manager, site manager, project manager and production supervisor over the past 36 years. He is full time on site.

Junior plant operators

Jesaya Lehlogonolo Lekote and Joel Karabeng are our junior plant operators enjoying the benefits of skills transfers from vastly experienced plant operators in Mr. Potgieter and Mr.Degernaar.